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  1. When was Try That{!} ® established?
  2. Try That{!} ® was established in 2004, since when we have arranged thousands of great Experiences.

  1. How does your service work?
  2. We offer a range of ‘Experiences’ across Canada that you can give as gifts, staff incentives, rewards, or just as an opportunity for you to try something new. Just select your Experience and either purchase online or by phone. You can select to either download your Voucher or have it mailed to you (or your gift recipient). The recipient then simply calls us when they are ready to book or they can book through our web site.

  1. What’s the difference betweenExperience VouchersFreedom Voucher and Try That{!} ® Dollars?
  2. Experience Vouchers are for a specific Experience, such as an Intro Flying Lesson. These have a 12 month expiry date.

Freedom Vouchers cover a range of Experiences, and give the recipient the “Freedom” to choose their own Experience. These have no expiry date.

Try That{!} ® Dollars have a dollar amount printed on them and are redeemed just like cash. They can be spread over several different Experiences at different times, or used all at once. These have no expiry dates.

  1. I want to give a Voucher as a gift. Do I need to book a date for the Experience now?
  2. No. In the majority of cases the recipient of a gift calls us when they have a date in mind and are ready to book. Instructions on how to book are printed on the reverse of the Voucher.

  1. Can I purchase and book at the same time?
  2. Absolutely. If you know the date that you’d like the Experience to take place we’ll be happy to check availability and confirm the booking at the same time as you purchase it.

  1. I’ve purchased a Voucher online. Now what happens?
  2. You have two options: firstly, you can download your voucher and simply print it off and give it to the recipient; secondly, by choosing the mail order option during check-out ($7.50 plus HST), we will mail out your Voucher pack the same day (for orders received by 12 noon) or the following business day, either to yourself or directly to your gift recipient.

  1. If I have the Voucher mailed, will it say Try That{!} ® on the envelope.
  2. No. We’re very good at not spoiling surprises! The Voucher pack comes in a plain white envelope with only our return address (minus company name) printed on the top left.

  1. Can I get a refund?
  2. We are happy to make refunds on un-booked experiences bought from Try That{!} ® within 14 days of purchase, minus a $35.00 plus HST administration charge. Refunds can only be made to the original purchaser of a certificate, not the recipient.

  1. Can I exchange my Experience Voucher for a different Experience?
  2. Yes. Vouchers valid for a specified experience may be exchanged for another experience at no administration charge. If your chosen experience is higher in price than the amount originally paid, you will only be charged the difference. If your chosen experience is lower in price than the original amount, the balance will be held in credit for you for until the expiry date of the original voucher, to use against any future purchase. Please note that where a credit balance is held, we will not refund any money.

  1. Do your Vouchers have an expiry date?
  2. Our Try That{!} ® Dollar and Freedom Voucher certificates do not have an expiry date. Our Experience Vouchers (those purchased for a specific Experience) have an expiry date of 12 months from date of purchase. This is because with a specific Experience we can only guarantee the price and availability of that Experience for a period of 12 months in advance. After that, as with all services, the price of a specific Experience may have increased. Our Voucher validity policy has been checked and is in accordance withOntariolaw.

  1. Can I extend the expiry of my Experience Voucher?
  2. Yes. If your voucher is about to expire, you may extend it for a period of 6 months by paying a supplement of $25 plus HST plus any price increase before it expires.

  1. I’ve lost my Voucher. Can I get a replacement?
  2. Yes. For a fee of $8.50 plus HST we will be happy to replace your voucher.


  1. What if, by the time my recipient comes to book, the Experience is no longer available or some details have changed?
  2. We do reserve the right to make reasonable modifications to an Experience (including a change of venue). However, if an Experience is no longer available, you can apply the value of your Voucher to another Experience, or of course we will be happy to make a full refund (except in cases where the Experience was available for the majority of the validity of your voucher, taking into account any relevant seasonality).

  1. Are any of the Experiences seasonal?
  2. Yes, many of them the operate only seasonally. Where this is the case the seasonal periodwill be listed on the relevant web page and on your Voucher. If, by the time of booking an actual date for your experience, the season has passed or all remaining dates are fully booked you will be able to apply the value of your voucher towards any of our other experiences or you will have the option to extend your voucher as detailed under the heading “Validity of Vouchers” above. We regret that we are unable to provide refunds in circumstances where a lack of availability is caused by a delay in a voucher holder requesting a date for their experience.

  1. Are you and all of your Experience Providers insured?
  2. Yes. We and all of our providers have the correct insurance in place.

  1. Do you mark-up the price of the Experiences?
  2. No. We charge the same price as if you were to go directly to our Experience Providers. Our revenue is derived from receiving a commission from our providers for the customers we bring them.

  1. Why should I use Try That{!} ® instead of one of your competitors, or going directly to the Experience Provider?
  2. As well as being a “one-stop-shop” for over 200 Experiences, in many cases we are less expensive than our competitors as we don’t mark-up the price of our Experiences. We also handle the booking process from end-to-end, rather than leaving you or your gift recipient to handle this.

  1. Have any of your Experience Providers ever gone out of business?
  2. Yes it does happen, but thankfully rarely. In those circumstances those customers who had purchased directly form the Experience Provider lost their money, but those who had purchased from Try That{!} ® were able to take the value of their Voucher and apply it to other Experiences. We were also able to source similar Experiences, so in many cases the Voucher holders received an Experience very similar, if not identical, to the one they were expecting.

  1. Can I combine my Voucher with a certificate from another company?
  2. No. Try That{!} ® Vouchers cannot be combined with those of other companies, including those of our Experience Suppliers.

  1. Can my Voucher be “cashed in”?
  2. No. Your Voucher cannot be exchanged for cash; it can only be redeemed for something from our range of Experiences.

  1. Do you book accommodation?
  2. Yes, we do book accommodation. Please inquire at the time of booking a date for your Experience.